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Elmwood Memory Care Home & Hospital

Elmwood Memory Care Home & Hospital is a Stage 3 Dementia Unit & Hospital and a vital part of the Masonic family. Their strong links to our Taradale Masonic Rest Home and Continuing Care facility means advanced dementia care can transition from one care facility to the other without causing unnecessary concern for the resident and their family.

Facility Features:


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to begin guide. If you or a loved one requires care

Many of us will be unsure about where to begin when the time comes where care is needed.  Follow our guide. Where To Begin Guide

What levels of care do you offer?

We offer a continuum of care from independent living in our villages, to rest home and hospital level care in the Taradale Masonic Rest Home & Continuing Care. Our Elmwood Memory Care Home & Hospital provides hospital level care and an additional Stage 3 Dementia Unit.

Are there set visiting hours for residents in the care centre?

There are no set visiting hours. This is your home, so visitors are welcome any time. The amenities are available for you to enjoy with your friends and family. We just ask that you respect the privacy of other residents.

Does the Trust guarantee its residents a place in its rest homes?

The Napier Masonic Trust residents have priority access to our rest homes over non-residents. Access is subject to there being an available room in the rest home.

I can live independently, but my partner needs care. Can we still be together?

This may be dependent on whether your partner requires permanent care. Contact our Clinical Services Manager to discuss.

What happens if I’m a resident and need care and the rest home is full?

If there isn’t a current vacancy in the rest home and you are able to remain in your home, then your services provider will continue to support you until a bed becomes available.  If you require more support than your service provider can give, please contact our Clinical Services Manager for further discussion.
Napier District Masonic Trust

Different Types of Care

As your needs change, we offer different levels of support and care.  We call this our continuum of care.



Elmwood’s hospital-level care provides the support and peace of mind of a registered nurse and care team on-site 24/7 for more complex medical or mobility needs. Local doctors visit regularly.



So many of us will be touched by dementia either directly or indirectly at some point in our lives. The Masonic Trust’s supportive and caring team at Elmwood and their Taradale facility assists residents and their families with the complex challenges of living with dementia while balancing freedom and security. Our dementia care team at Elmwood Memory Care Home & Hospital receive specialist training to assist them in caring for residents living with dementia so they can continue doing the things that bring them joy and fulfilment.



If you need care while your family is away or while recovering from a hospital stay, you’re welcome at the Masonic Trust for short term or respite care. Depending on availability you can stay with us for one day through to a month or longer.
Subsidies may be available, so please contact the Clinical  Manager for more information



When our residents are reaching end of life, palliative care is provided across both of our facilities. This removes the upheaval of moving a resident to another facility and causing further grief and stress for themselves and for their families.

Our Location

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Our villages and resthomes are situated throughout Napier, mainly in the nearby suburbs of Taradale and Greenmeadows.  Napier is a vibrant destination with great shopping, café culture, cycle trails, parks, events and wineries. 

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