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Career Opportunities

The NDMT employs a range of clinical care and support staff in our facilities.
Working with us

Roles at NDMT

We employ a range of clinical care and support staff in our facilities including Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Cooks, Kitchen Assistants, Cleaners, and other support roles. Our dedicated managers and administration staff complete our team to ensure superior 24-hour care is available for our residents.
Careers at NDMT

Registered Nurses

We employ both experienced nurses and graduate nurses who are new to nursing and aged care, this includes international and New Zealand trained nurses. Our Nurses gain valuable experience specialising in care of the elderly. Robust orientation programmes and ongoing professional development ensure our nurses are well supported and that we have an optimum skill mix within our team.

Careers at NDMT

Health Care Assistants

Health Care Assistants are particularly special members of our staff as they have the closest contact with our residents. The care they provide is all about making a difference to resident’s daily lives and that of their family and friends. The Trust supports and encourages Health Care Assistants to complete the applicable unit standards towards National Qualifications.
Careers at NDMT

Diversional Therapy

Diversional Therapy staff are employed in our facilities and are an integral part of our team. Our Diversional Therapists and activity staff provide support in ‘Restorative’ therapy working with physiotherapists to ensure residents are assisted in maintaining and improving their physical well-being and design varied activities that improve our residents’ quality of life and help them feel empowered in their daily lives.
Careers at NDMT

Support Roles

The Trust employs a large group of versatile support staff to perform a multitude of essential duties each day. Administration, laundry and cleaning staff, kitchen staff, gardeners and maintenance staff are all essential people on our team who contribute to the smooth running of our facilities to ensure we meet the care needs of our residents.

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