Retirement Villages

  • 65  Pensioner Flat Rental units (two complexes). Morris Spence Ave, Napier and Holyrood St Greenmeadows Napier. Comprises bedsit and one bedroom accommodation.
  • 133 Units available for ORA’s (1-2 bdrm)
  • Kensington Village, Kensington Dr Knightsbridge, Napier- 35 units
  • Knightsbridge Village, Balmoral St, Knightsbridge, Napier-  36 Units
  • Mission View Village, Avondale Rd, Greenmeadows, Napier-26 Units.
  • Taradale Masonic Village, Devonshire Place, Taradale -19 Units
  • Smaller, older villages around Napier.


  • Current costs range $80-$180K Capital Sum investment
  • Weekly Service Fee ranges $70-$87 per week
  • Amenities Contribution- 15%, 3% a year for five years maximum.